New Apple Music player from iOS 17 coming soon to Android app


Apple Music is getting some new features with iOS 17, including a new Now Playing interface and a section dedicated to song credits. And Android users don’t need to worry about missing out because those same new features are coming soon to the Apple Music Android app.

New features coming to the Apple Music Android app

The 4.3.0 beta version of Apple Music for Android, released earlier this month, comes with the same features added to the platform with iOS 17. Perhaps the most notable change is the new Now Playing interface, which has been updated to show animated album artwork in full screen. This update creates a beautiful effect combined with the blurred background.

But that’s not all. With iOS 17 beta 3, Apple has also added a new song credits section to Apple Music. The section is similar to the one that already exists in Apple Music Classical, and it lets users check details about the artists, songwriters, and producers behind a song. This section is also coming to the Android app with the beta update.

In order to check the credits for a song, all you need to do is tap the three-dot button and then choose the View Credits option. The credits are organized into different categories, such as performing artists, songwriting and lyrics, and production and engineering. The new section also shows whether the song is available in Dolby Atmos and Lossless.

Apple also announced some other new features coming to Apple Music, such as Collaborative Playlists, which will be released later this year. Once available, users will be able to invite friends to join a playlist. From there, everyone can add a song to that playlist, reorder or remove songs, and use emoji to react to the tracks shown in the Now Playing interface.

New Apple Music player from iOS 17 coming soon to Android app

There’s no word on when the official update to the Apple Music Android app will be available to the public. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can join the Apple Music for Android beta program via the Google Play Store. However, it seems likely that the update for the Android app will be released next month alongside the release of iOS 17 for iPhone users.

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