Epic fails to score Supreme Court support to force immediate App Store changes


Apple is still awaiting the fate of whether or not the Supreme Court will take up its appeal in the Epic Games trial. However, Apple has walked away with a small victory today.

Epic Games, the studio behind Fornite, recently scored a victory in the 9th Circuit court that would force Apple to shake up the state of its App Store. Basically, Epic Games wants to sell V-bucks on the iPhone without Apple taking a cut of the revenue. If victorious, Apple would be forced to allow developers to redirect users to alternative payment systems.

Apple appealed the ruling by the 9th Circuit, however, which put a pause on enforcing the ruling that was in Epic’s favor. Unable to accept a win and wait, Epic accused the court of being “far too lenient” on Apple and asked the Supreme Court to enforce the ruling go into effect.

No such enforcement will happen, however, as the Supreme Court has declined to grant Epic’s wish. That’s cause for relief for Apple. Still, the ultimate fate of the App Store remains to be determined.

The next move to watch is whether or not the Supreme Court agrees to hear Apple’s case. Rejecting the appeal would kick back the decision to the 9th Circuit which already ruled in Epic’s favor.

The conclusion to the saga will be kicked out further if the Supreme Court does decide to take on the case. Regardless of the outcome, Apple will not be forced to allow Fortnite back to the App Store.

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