Gaming Buddy for iPhone gets Lock Screen widgets and more


Gaming Buddy arrived this spring alongside indie developer Filip Němeček’s Switch Buddy to track video game releases and more. Now the iPhone app has received an update that brings Lock Screen widgets and a “New Releases” list.

Gaming Buddy (formerly called Gaming Widgets) originally launched with a variety of Home Screen widgets to easily keep track of upcoming game releases, a rich discovery tool, and more.

Now the app has received an update today that brings the popular Release Countdown widget and Up Next widget to the Lock Screen.

The other change with Gaming Buddy 1.3.0 is a “New Releases” list that makes it quick to stay up with what’s recently launched across all platforms.

Gaming Buddy is a free download from the App Store with access to all of the widgets at no cost. You can unlock access to favoriting more than three games with a $3.99/year subscription which also supports indie dev Filip’s work 😁.

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