GM wasn’t kidding, even the $130k Escalade IQ won’t have CarPlay


Earlier this year, GM announced that it would be ditching CarPlay and Android Auto for all of its future EVs starting in 2024 in favor of a proprietary system. Now the all-new Cadillac Escalade IQ EV has been unveiled with a massive 55-inch LED display that could offer an amazing CarPlay experience. So will the company’s popular luxury SUV turned EV get an exception? GM says nope.

GM has justified building a custom infotainment system by saying it wants to cater to its EV-specific features like its Super Cruise driver assistance and to better learn how customers are driving and charging their vehicles.

But a major part of restricting customers to its proprietary system is GM hoping to create a services business that can generate between $20-25 billion in subscription revenue by 2030.

And even though GM is using Google’s Android Automotive platform to build its own system, it won’t include Android Auto.

We’ve seen criticism from both consumers and GM dealers alike this summer. And there’s also data from Apple that says 79% of car buyers will only consider a vehicle if it has CarPlay.

GM not backing down

Despite the backlash and the evidence of this being a bad move, GM is pushing ahead with its decision.

As its latest EV was officially unveiled yesterday, the company confirmed to The Verge that the $130,000-$175,000 Cadillac Escalade IQ’s massive 55-inch display will not have CarPlay or Android Auto.

9to5Mac’s take

It’s not surprising to see GM doubling down on its decision to build a proprietary infotainment system as it sees tens of billions in annual revenue on the line.

However, it’s a bummer to see GM viewing the situation as all or nothing instead of offering customers both its proprietary system and the option to use CarPlay or Android Auto.

That 55-inch pillar-to-pillar display of the Escalade IQ really could have offered an impressive next-gen CarPlay experience that could have been a win-win for the automaker and customers: Increased customer loyalty through a great UX and customers getting choice whether they have an iPhone, Android smartphone, or want to use the GM infotainment option.

Interestingly, GM is continuing to offer CarPlay with its gas vehicles, but for the foreseeable future, those looking for an EV with CarPlay will have to look elsewhere.

Apple’s next-gen CarPlay mock-up

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