AI-powered UPDF still beats iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma’s new PDF features


iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma are bringing a number of long awaited changes, chief among them is the ability to fill out PDFs within the operating system’s native apps. Even with the improvements, a dedicated PDF editor like UPDF is needed to have full functionality, export into more versatile formats, and create new documents. UPDF is even offering an exclusive 63% off UPDF for the 9to5Mac audience.

iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma’s new PDF features

In Sonoma, Apple has greatly improved the PDF experience within the Notes app. You get a new multi-page view, along with enhanced autofill, making it much easier and quicker to complete forms with your frequently used information. Those same improvements are coming to notes on iPad, where along with the new autofill that detects fillable fields, you can markup and annotate your existing PDF files.

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Why you need a professional PDF editor

Once you look past the basic filling out of forms, iPadOS 17 and macOS start to fall behind. While you can compress pages and even do basic password protection, you can’t create new blank PDFs, edit text or images, or convert PDFs into more easily edited Word, Excel, or Powerpoint files.

UPDF lets you create new documents and edit existing ones with advanced formatting tools. Even if you just have a picture of an existing document, using Optical Character Recognition, UPDF will convert the image into editable text boxes and images. All headings, font styles, and even in-line images are maintained, and you can start to edit the text just like you would a standard document.

No matter what the source of your PDF document, you can easily adjust your image size and location, moving text boxes and changing existing text to your new vision.

UPDF also has various options to make sharing your PDFs easy. Like any other PDF editor, you can save the file and send it over email, but with UPDF you can create a timed link, which can share for the amount of time you specify while giving viewers only the control over the document that you want them to have. With UPDF’s AI add-on, all users will get 20GB of online file storage, rather than UPDF’s default 10GB.

You can also apply permissions to multiple PDFs at the same time with UPDF’s bulk editing tool. That makes it easy to limit editing, printing, copying, or opening of a PDF behind a password.


With a one time purchase, UPDF is available on macOS, Windows, iPad, iOS, and Android, while many other PDF editors require a recurring cost. Using UPDF’s cloud, your documents are synchronized between them all, and you can be actively logged in on four different devices at once – two mobile devices and two desktop devices. With such complete features, it’s the best alternative PDF editor to Adobe Acrobat.

UPDF AI and other advanced features

UPDF is getting easier to use and more capable all the time. Their AI feature allows you to scan documents and get an abstract, and then ask questions specifically about the document to get immediate, detailed responses – all without leaving the app. It can also help break down topics to make them more digestible, reword sentences, and translate into other languages in a few seconds.

UPDF even integrates features other PDF editors with AI lack, such as in-depth chart summarization. This allows UPDF to interpret and extrapolate advanced data within documents, making it more digestible for the end user.

With UPDF, you can edit any PDF document just like you would a Word file. Controlling text, images, links, and formatting is as easy as it would be in Pages or any other document editor, while you gain powerful organizational tools such as batch page insertion, page splitting, and page replacement.

UPDF is also outfitted with powerful form creation and filling tools. Whether you need to fill out and sign forms yourself or create forms for others to complete, UPDF will improve your productivity.

Whether you’re creating your work or sharing it, UPDF can fit your needs. It’s the only PDF editor with both a slideshow and presenter mode, making it easy to share documents with a large group without any unnecessary distractions.

Get UPDF for 63% off

With UPDF’s clear advantages over Apple’s built in features, it’ll always be handy to have a fully-featured PDF editor on hand. Exclusively for the 9to5Mac audience, UPDF is offering 63% off their software with AI features, which you can purchase either as a subscription or as a perpetual license, to avoid any recurring costs. You can also start with a free trial, to make sure you love it before making the commitment.

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