Apple introduces new 6 TB and 12 TB iCloud storage tiers, priced at $30 and $60 a month


As part of its iPhone 15 event, Apple today announced new higher storage options for its iCloud plans.

Previously, an individual iCloud account maxed out at 2 TB storage, for $9.99/month. But beginning September 18, Apple will offer 6 TB and 12 TB plans, offering more storage for personal photos, videos, documents and data. But these new large storage tiers will come to a large hit to your wallet …

The 6 TB plan of iCloud+ will be priced at $29.99 per month in the United States. The 12 TB plan costs twice as much, at $59.99 per month.

Like other iCloud+ plans, the storage can be shared with up to six people via Family Sharing.

As you would expect, these tiers also include all other iCloud+ features like iCloud Private Relay, HomeKit Secure Video and more.

It’s unclear if these tiers can be combined with an Apple One Premier subscription, to add an additional 2 TB storage, giving a total storage allocation of 14 terabytes.

These additional storage tiers may be pricey, but at least now Apple has an answer for people who had already filled their previous maximum 4 TB allocation (2 TB iCloud + 2 TB from Apple One). You can subscribe to the bigger iCloud plans starting from Monday, September 18.

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