Apple will no longer use leather accessories, instead opting for FineWoven


In a move aimed at continuing its commitment to sustainability, Apple will be phasing out its popular leather iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands. Instead, the tech giant is introducing a new material called FineWoven, signaling a significant shift towards more eco-friendly and forward-thinking options.

Goodbye leather, and hello FineWoven

Apple has been using leather for iPhone cases as far back as 2013 with the iPhone 5S, and for watch bands since the first-generation Apple Watch. However, at today’s Wonderlust event, the company said it would be phasing out the material to continue its goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2030.

FineWoven is made of 80% recycled post consumer material and comes in threes color options as well as four Hermes bands.

Hermes bands with FineWoven material instead of leather.

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