dbrand’s anti-yellow clear iPhone 15 Ghost case is here to embarrass the competition


The dbrand iPhone 15 case collection is now live. The brand’s Grip case with customizable faceplates and extra grippy edges is making a return this year for Apple’s latest models, but the brand is also debuting a brand new clear case. The new Ghost model features a unique design in the iPhone case space with an unapologetic skeleton-style frame and a guarantee it won’t turn into one of those gross yellowed clear cases like some other transparent models do. The dbrand iPhone 15 cases are now available for purchase and you get a closer look at the new Ghost case below. 

dbrand Ghost case – the next-gen clear case that never goes yellow

dbrand is going at the other brands hard this year – it says its case is much lighter, more protective than most clear cases, and will never transform into one of those yellowed cases you’ll just have to replace anyway. 

For centuries, case companies have tried to defeat the sun. They failed, leaving millions of yellowed cases in their wake. As it turns out, all they had to do was add a dose of matte black. Checkmate, sun.

The Ghost takes on a particularly unique form factor, combing a completely see-through clear body wrapped inside of black skeleton frame. This both looks entirely unique while aiding in its anti-yellowing prowess – “thanks to our two-tone design, it’s literally impossible.”

dbrand says other cases are “somewhere between heavier than a Ghost Case and lighter than a brick” but its new Ghost weights in at just 28 grams and adds only 1.2mm of thickness to Apple’s form-factor. Even still, its distinctive corner bumpers provide 10-feet of drop protection to safeguard your precious iPhone from its inevitable plummet towards the sidewalk or hard wood floors in the coming months.  

Extra clicky buttons by way of relief slits that offer a “tactile, satisfying bump with every single press” join the brand’s most powerful magnets yet. It says other brands’ magnets just can’t keep up “due to cowardice or cost-savings” but it has spared no expense with its eighteen custom-built, ultra-powerful MagSafe-ready design here.

Sure, you can get one of those cheap clear cases you’ll likely have to replace after it yellows for less – or just want to replace after you smash your phone because they can’t protect it – but you can also get something that stays clear, is seriously unique, and drop-safe with the new dbrand Ghost. 

The new dbrand clear Ghost Case is now available for purchase at $49.95 shipped for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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