You can charge your Apple Watch or AirPods using the new iPhone 15’s USB-C port


The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro ditch Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector in favor of USB-C, and that change has a few side effects. Perhaps most notably, you can now use the iPhone 15’s USB-C port to quickly add more juice to your Apple Watch or AirPods.

Apple made a brief mention of this during the “Wonderlust” keynote yesterday. In practice, the feature works exactly as you would expect it to. You can connect your AirPods or Apple Watch to the iPhone 15’s USB-C port, and they’ll instantly start to charge.

This works via a USB-C to Apple Watch charging puck, via a USB-C to USB-C cable for the new AirPods Pro, and via a USB-C to Lightning cable for older AirPods.

Apple has reportedly been working on reverse wireless charging for years, a feature that would let you charge up AirPods and Apple Watch by placing them on the back of your iPhone. This feature still hasn’t seen the light of day, but the support for power-out via the new USB-C port is a great interim solution.

There’s no word on the charging speed provided to AirPods or Apple Watch via the iPhone 15’s USB-C port. It’s important to note that this feature will only work with AirPods and Apple Watch, so you can’t just plug in any device to the USB-C port and expect your iPhone to charge it.

We’ll have to do more testing to see just how big of an impact using your iPhone to charge your AirPods or Apple Watch will have on battery life. AirPods and Apple Watch have smaller batteries in comparison to the iPhone.

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