Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature on iPhone 14/15 will soon reach 16 countries


Apple introduced Emergency SOS via satellite as a free-for-two-years safety feature enabled by the iPhone 14 last year. The two years free deal is sticking around with the new iPhone 15. Apple also announced that the total number of supported countries will expand to 16 before the end of 2023.

Emergency SOS via satellite requires the iPhone 14 or newer. The feature helps connect iPhone users to emergency services even when no cellular network coverage is available. Starting in the US, Apple is expanding Emergency SOS to include roadside assistance as well. Apple and AAA are partnering to support the new feature.

The primary Emergency SOS via satellite originally launched in just two countries: United States and Canada. Since then, Apple has turned it on in over a dozen more countries. During the event, Apple also announced that both Spain and Switzerland would gain access to Emergency SOS via satellite before the end of this year.

Apple also shared a heart touching video that includes real world customers who were saved from danger using Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14.

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Learn more about Emegency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 here.

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