iPhone 15 already compatible with USB-C Backbone One controllers made for Android


The iPhone 15 is officially switching from Lightning to USB-C, and accessory makers are in full swing responding to that change. This week, Backbone has confirmed that its existing lineup of USB-C game controllers will work with the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

For those unfamiliar, the Backbone One for iPhone is an excellent controller that turns your iPhone into a portable game console. You just slide your iPhone into the collapsible design and take full advantage of the built-in game buttons, joysticks, and more.

Historically, the Backbone One has been available in two different options: one with a Lighting port and another with a USB-C port. With the iPhone 15’s switch to USB-C, Backbone has confirmed that its existing USB-C version of the Backbone will work perfectly with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lineups.

The company says that existing customers with a USB-C version of the Backbone One will receive a software update via the Backbone app on Android to add iPhone support. New buyers of the Backbone One with USB-C will get full support for Android and iPhone 15 out of the box.

For new customers, all Backbone USB-C products now feature universal compatibility with all USB-C phones, including both Android and iPhone 15 devices. 

For existing customers, your Backbone USB-C product will automatically receive an update via the Backbone app that enables patent-pending universal compatibility. To update, connect your Backbone controller and launch the Backbone App on Android.

And some more details on why you might want a Backbone One for your iPhone:

The Backbone One offers high-quality gameplay for all your favorite games that support controllers. This includes the most popular titles like Call of Duty®: MobileMinecraftGenshin Impact, and most Apple Arcade games.

In addition, the Backbone One is compatible with remote play apps offered by XboxPlayStation, and Steam allowing games on your console and PC to be played remotely from your phone.

Popular cloud streaming services like Xbox Cloud GamingNVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna are all also supported by the Backbone One.

For a list of current compatible games, please check here. Note that this page is being constantly updated so it may not be 100% comprehensive.

You can order the UBS-C version of the Backbone One in a “Standard” configuration as well as a version designed specifically for PlayStation, both for $100.

In addition to the Backbone One, other companies have also confirmed that their USB-C controllers are also ready for iPhone 15:

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