Apple to release iPhone 12 software update to address France ban over radiation concerns


The iPhone 15 launch this week has been somewhat overshadowed by a strange controversy over radiation levels emitted by the iPhone 12, which has led to France issuing a sales ban on the device.

Apple now says it will release a software update that will apparently address the French regulator’s concerns. The company said this debacle is related to a specific testing protocol used in France and is not a safety issue.

The French regulator will test the software update to ensure that it makes the iPhone 12 comply with their radiation standards, and will then remove the ban on sales of the device.

Apple previously rebuked the French ban, indicating that the iPhone 12 had been certified by multiple international bodies and in compliance with radiation standards. It appears whatever those standards were, they differed to the local rules of the France regulator.

It is still unclear how this issue bubbled up now, three years after the iPhone 12 series launched. In fact, the French ban was instated on the same day Apple voluntarily stopped selling the device following the introduction of the iPhone 15 lineup.

Still, it is not good PR for a model of iPhone — which millions of people will still be using — to be labelled by a country’s regulator as exceeding radiation limits. Apple will be hoping that this forthcoming software update can wrap up this whole controversy for good.

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