iPhone 15 Pro ship dates slip into October/November as customers struggle with pre-order process


Apple began selling iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro at 8 am ET today, and ship dates for Pro and Pro Max models started slipping into October within 30 minutes. Pro Max models were first to reach November ship dates in just two hours. Likely a sign of high demand, the process has understandably frustrated buyers who couldn’t gain access to Apple’s online store during the first half hour or longer of pre-orders.

For others, the process of pre-ordering the new iPhone was smoother than ever. Apple has invested in ways to make every step of the process possible to be completed before pre-order day. In those instances, the only step once the store comes back online is completing the payment.

Still, Apple’s most enthusiastic customers are seeing day one inventory deplete especially fast this year, and accessing the online store several minutes apart from other customers is adding to the frustration.

Other customers experienced error messages when trying to complete the pre-order process when the online store returned several minutes later than expected.

For now, iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max ship dates are slipping from launch day on September 22 to the second and third week of October. Many Apple Stores still have launch day inventory for pickup, but that inventory is quickly depleting as well.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is most affected by the later ship dates. Higher storage models of the non-Max version are holding strong for now.

While the buying process is proving less than ideal for customers, the outlook for Apple is certainly positive as the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max appear to be selling as fast as any iPhone yet.

What about non-Pro models? All three storage options of pink iPhone 15 Plus ship after release day. Every other option ships on day one.

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