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Because so many have been writing and commenting on My Blue Yeti Microphone Repair Video , I’ve taken the time to make this page to give you a little more detailed instructions when it comes to repairing this microphone.

Before starting to give them instructions on how or by whom malfunctions happen regardless of the brand of microphone.

Technical details

Most USB microphones of different brands use a CM6400X chip from the CMedia. In the best cases, the microphone has some audio settings or presets depending on its structure. This chip is very susceptible to voltages and it can happen that if plugs into a usb 3.0 or 3.1 port its EEPROM can be erased . Because its memory is erased, the hardware is detected as generic with the name USB ADVANCED AUDIO DEVICE .

This has many consequences, low audio quality , saturated sound , software does not detect it , etc.

Most manufacturers do not support restoring the firmware to its default settings, which is why this idea arises to repair them by extracting the firmware directly from its EEPROM , or failing that, try settings until it works correctly or better than before.


As i’m indicated, many manufacturers do not offer a true solution to this, rather what they offer is an RMA guarantee , which is basically a replacement of the affected unit, but this is only applicable during the guarantee period and once the guarantee is lost. you can no longer get a replacement and the only solution left was to buy another one and the expense that this entails.

Capture of the Blue-Logitech support where they indicate that there is no solution for this problem.

With all of the above said, we start with the tutorial on how to fix this for your microphone.


Disclaimer : SharkLatan.com is not responsible for any damage caused by using the software and/or processes provided, the user is responsible for any damage due to improper use of the tools.

DMCA : The files provided are considered Intellectual property, research and development of technological solutions from the process carried out with reverse engineering of electronic components and software to solve problems in manufacturing defects for which the affected companies do not provide a solution.

SharkLatan.com reserves the trademark rights for the use and distribution of the .bin files as well as the processes described, unless Blue Mic / Blue Yeti / Logitech / CMedia and/or affected brands consider or demonstrate otherwise.

All product names, trademarks are the property of their respective owners, who are in no way associated or affiliated with SharkLatan.com. Product names are used for the sole purpose of identifying the specific products that were studied during the research process to fix certain types of defects produced with proprietary algorithms. The use of these names does not imply any cooperation or endorsement.

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1. Download the zipped This contains the screenshots with the values in the video, as well as the EEPROM Editor/flash (Config6400.exe).



Hash: d86e7f650abcd5529c05f4697df6ffa6

2. Open Device Manager, go to Sound Devices and right click USB Advanced Audio Device (Microphone) and go to properties.

3. Go to Details, Select ‘Parent‘ or ‘Last Known Parent‘ in dropdown.

4. Take the VID and PID Values displayed and put them into Config6400 Program at the bottom.

Example : Vid: 8D8C Pid:016C

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5. Click Connect. Once successful, we are going to back up the configuration and grab a value from it. Simply click `EEPROM -> File` button at the bottom and save the .bin file.

6. Select a name and location to save your backup.

*If everything has worked correctly you should see the following message

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7. Last step. Simply click `File->EEPROM` button at the bottom, search and select the BACKUP FROM.bin file zipped. wait for a message to appear asking for un-plug and re-plug to save the changes.

7. Download a Hex editor (I used HxD) to open and read the .bin file. You will want to copy and save the string immediately following the decoded text “Blue Microphones.Yeti Stereo Microphone”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see 12:48 of video

8. Fill in the Serial String you just grabbed, and the remaining fields with the same settings in the video/screenshots. Do the same for Volume config. EQ and Misc are unchanged. Once you’ve finished all this configuration, click Save EEPROM at the bottom left, wait for a confirmation, then unplug and replug your usb from your device.


Errores y Soluciones


Recommendation: Connect the microphone to a USB 2.0 port or try a different one

You may also get a message EEPROM IS EMPTY !!!

Empty EEPROM ?

This is normal as your EEPROM does not contain information and the purpose of this guide is to write this information on the microphone chip and works correctly again.


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  1. Hola Shark and thank you so much for this guide ! I have successfully used this fix and shared the link with a few friends on ifixit and hackaday forums.
    Recently I got a Blue Yeti that has an internal failure inside the CM6400 chip ( DAC failure) and needs to be replaced. Installed a replacement chip bought from ebay, but the seller later admitted it his chip have never been programmed and they need programming to can function. So the chip i got is blank, it doesn’t have the factory programming (described in the datasheet) of the USB descriptor, so it is useless in this state: USB not recognized, no talking to the EEPROM etc.
    Could you please give me any advice if you know anything about this or should I just get a new chip (programmed) from other sellers ?
    Thank you again for helping a lot of people with your guide !!!

    1. hello were you able to flash the chip somehow? I think I also got chips without bootloader/firmware/etc. so it doesn’t show up in device manager

  2. Hi.
    I have used your guide to fix razer-seiren X. Flashed blue yeti rom and so far it work as it should, thank you very much.

    For better visibility I’ve posted a discussion on reddit which points at your blog. If you find it disturbing, please reach me and I will delete it. Although I hope it will help other people with this issue, as it took me quite a lot of googling until I found your solution in English.

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