febrero 29, 2024

A pesar de que no hubo una segunda presentación de Vision Pro, Apple les dio a los empleados una nueva presentación (y un descuento del 25%)

Apple curiously opted not to release a second keynote-style video explaining Apple Vision Pro before pre-orders start. Internally, however, Apple distributed an introductory video of sorts to employees, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports. The new material reportedly covers future opportunities for Apple Vision Pro, including applications in education, medical, and training fields.

Gurman reports that Apple’s Mike Rockwell and Alan Dye hosted the communication:

Bloomberg News obtained a transcript of the conversation, which came just before Apple began accepting preorders for the Vision Pro on Friday. […]

“Oftentimes, surgeons struggle to look at displays during procedures, where information is spread out,” said Rockwell, the vice president in charge of the device. “Apple Vision Pro could bring all of that together and hopefully improve patient outcomes.”

Considering the $3,500 price tag for Apple Vision Pro, this communication may be a signal of how Apple views its first-gen spatial computer’s role in the market.

Apple Vision Pro has thus far been pitched as an exciting new consumer product category. If any company is capable of selling through as many premium-priced mixed reality headsets as can be manufactured, it’s Apple.

Still, Apple Vision Pro is viewed by some as developer preview hardware before a more mainstream mixed reality product is ready in the years to come.

If Apple wants its spatial computer to be more than a preview of the future to come for those who can afford it, carving out a market in meaningful areas like healthcare and education can help.

However, the messaging that a face-mounted headset of sorts might be useful for the medical field and training roles has also been tried with prior products from Google Glass to Microsoft HoloLens.

Apple, of course, has a significant head start on compatible software in the form of compatible iPad apps that can run on Vision Pro. Apple also has a giant install base that it can pitch Vision Pro to, and the first round of sales start in just over 12 hours.

Also of note from Gurman’s latest Vision Pro report: Apple employees will be eligible for a 25% discount for Apple Vision Pro, bringing the relatively astronomically high price tag closer to Earth at around $2600. Apple was expected to price Apple Vision Pro between $2500 and $3000 before revealing the price tag last June.

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