mayo 18, 2024

Accesorios Apple Vision Pro: estuche de viaje de $200, batería de $200, sello de luz de $200 y más

Apple Vision Pro is now available for pre-order, and so are lots of accessories for Apple’s first spatial computer. The price for most things? $200 each. That’s how much extra light seals, batteries, and the Vision Pro carrying case costs. There are more accessories for Apple Vision Pro as well.

First up is the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case for $199.

Designed by Apple to protect your Apple Vision Pro when you’re on the go. The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case has a retractable handle and specially designed compartments for your battery, ZEISS Optical Inserts, Apple Vision Pro Cover, and additional accessories.

Next we have additional Apple Vision Pro Batteries that will set you back $199.

The high-performance Apple Vision Pro Battery is made out of smooth, machined aluminum and connects to your Apple Vision Pro using a woven USB-C cable. It can slip into your pocket for portable power and supports up to two hours of general use, 2.5 hours of video playback, and all-day use when plugged in

Then there are extra Apple Vision Pro Light Seals for $199.

The Apple Vision Pro Light Seal gently conforms to your face and helps deliver a precise fit while blocking out stray light. It magnetically attaches to Apple Vision Pro and comes in a range of different shapes. The included Light Seal Cushions magnetically attach to the Light Seal and are easily removable for cleaning.

But wait, there’s more! Fortunately everything else is under $200.

  • Apple Vision Pro Solo Knit Band – $99
  • Apple Vision Pro Dual Loop Band – $99
  • Apple Vision Pro Light Seal Cushion – $29
  • Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro – $49.95

Apple Vision Pro is available for pre-order today ahead of the first ship dates on February 2 in the United States.

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