junio 14, 2024

Addigy lanza plantillas de políticas para agilizar la implementación del perfil de configuración

Configuring device policies are the heart of the macOS admin device management experience. Addigy has recently rolled out a new feature called Policy Templates, designed to streamline the process of configuring and deploying macOS and iOS policies.

A Policy Template functions as a critical building block for a device policy, simplifying the process of assembling various configurations into a combined policy. Addigy said the Policy Templates are continuously updated to ensure relevance and reliability across multiple devices, and they can be deployed in just a few clicks. Addigy provides prebuilt options to help your security posture, but they also have a Build Your Own template function as well.

9to5Mac’s take

I think Addigy’s prebuilt templates are the secret sauce here. As you can see from the above photo, there are some fantastic templates that are ready to go. As teams look to start going through various IT compliance certifications, having prebuilt templates like the CIS Level 1 is a fantastic option to have.

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