febrero 26, 2024

Ahora se rumorea que el iPhone SE 4 tiene un factor de forma similar al iPhone 14

iPhone SE 3 was launched in March last year, and it didn’t bring any significant changes apart from the A15 Bionic chip. Rumors about a next-generation iPhone SE have been quite controversial, with some reports claiming that Apple has even paused development of the new phone. But now, a rumor suggests that the iPhone SE 4 will have a similar form factor to the iPhone 14.

iPhone SE rumored to look like an iPhone 14

Citing its own sources, MacRumors has claimed that the fourth generation iPhone SE, codenamed D59, is being developed with a new design that will put an end to iPhones with a Home Button.

The report says that the latest specifications from Apple suppliers suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will use a modified version of the iPhone 14 chassis, with the dimensions matching those of the 6.1-inch iPhone 14. One of the main differences would be the rear camera, which would only have a single rear lens instead of two.

This will require Apple to build a new backplate for the device, as the iPhone 14 has two cameras on the back. MacRumors believes that Apple will add a 48-megapixel lens to the iPhone SE 4, similar to the one on the base iPhone 15 model. Although this may sound unlikely, Apple has previously used the main camera of flagship iPhones on the iPhone SE.

Because of the less complex hardware, the iPhone SE 4 is rumored to weigh 165 grams – 6 grams less than the iPhone 14. Another detail mentioned in the report is that the new iPhone SE will feature Face ID instead of Touch ID on the side button. Like the iPhone 15, the iPhone SE 4 will have a USB-C port instead of the Lightning connector.

There’s also a rumor about Apple bringing the Action Button from the iPhone 15 Pro to the new iPhone SE. The website mentions that the entire iPhone 16 lineup will get the Action Button, not just the Pro models, so this would align the new iPhone SE with the 2024 iPhones.

More about the new SE

In the past, many sources – including YouTuber Jon Prosser – have suggested that the next iPhone SE would look like the iPhone XR. Analyst Ross Young later said that Apple had not yet decided on the design and display for its new entry-level phone, while Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple had delayed development of the iPhone SE 4.

When exactly Apple plans to unveil the new iPhone SE is also unclear. While some sources point to a launch in 2024, MacRumors believes that the iPhone SE 4 will be introduced in 2025, after the launch of the iPhone 16.

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