mayo 18, 2024

Apple cerrará muchas de sus tiendas en EE. UU. anticipadamente a medida que se acerca el lanzamiento de Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is coming, and that means Apple Store locations in the United States will have some weird hours in the coming days.

We already know Apple will open its retail locations on 8 a.m. local time on February 2. That’s when Apple Vision Pro will officially launch to the public, and Apple is providing extensive Vision Pro demos to visitors who arrive early enough over launch weekend.

In addition to opening its doors early on February 2, Apple will close up shop an hour sooner at many locations in the US on Sunday, January 21. This is expected to be to accommodate Apple Store employee training for Apple Vision Pro before the new hardware goes on sale to the public.

The upcoming early closure appears to affect Apple Store locations with extended hours on Sundays. Specifically, shops that are typically open until 7 p.m. are closing their doors at 6 p.m. instead. Stores that already close at 6 p.m. are not affected. MacRumors’ Joe Rossignol first reported the early closures.

You can verify your local Apple Store hours on the location’s store page on Apple’s website. The unexplained holiday hours on Apple’s website is just one more bit of hype coming together before Apple Vision Pro reaches customers next month.


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