febrero 26, 2024

Apple implementa cambios en App Store Connect y TestFlight para admitir tiendas de aplicaciones alternativas en la UE

Last month, Apple announced a wide range of changes coming to the App Store in the European Union as part of iOS 17.4, including support for third-party app marketplaces. Ahead of iOS 17.4 being released to the general public in March, Apple is rolling out new features in App Store Connect for beta testing.

In a post on the Apple Developer website, Apple says that developers who have opted into the new App Store business terms in the EU can now begin setting up and testing their app marketplaces and marketplace distribution. Apple writes:

Developers who have agreed to the new business terms can now use new features in App Store Connect and the App Store Connect API to set up marketplace distribution and marketplace apps, and use TestFlight to beta test these features. TestFlight also supports apps using alternative browser engines, and alternative payments through payment service providers and linking out to a webpage.

As previously reported, Apple is also giving developers ways to learn more about these new App Store options:

  • Online consultations to discuss alternative distribution on iOS, alternative payments on the App Store, linking out to purchase on their webpage, new business terms, and more. 
  • Labs to help develop alternative app marketplaces on iOS.

Developers can head to Apple’s website for the full details.

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