mayo 18, 2024

Apple Music Classical se actualizó brevemente con el ícono de CarPlay antes de ser retirado después de una falla de la aplicación

Apple updated its Apple Music Classical app today with “stability and performance enhancements” that briefly appeared to include CarPlay support. However, the app crashed when launching from the CarPlay interface. Now the app has been updated to remove Classical from the CarPlay app launcher.

Apple Music Classical can still be controlled from the Now Playing interface on CarPlay, although a CarPlay version of the Classical app would be ideal for users on the road. Apple Music, which comes preinstalled, lacks the same organization and narrow catalog that the standalone Classical app offers.

As for what happened today, it’s anyone’s guess unless Apple comments on it. It’s possible someone accidentally checked the CarPlay box before releasing the update without actually having a CarPlay version of the iPhone app at all. It’s also possible Apple has been developing a CarPlay experience for Classical that isn’t quite ready for showtime yet.

At any rate, CarPlay seems like something that should be coming down the road for Apple Music Classical. After launching on the iPhone and Android, the team released an iPad version of the app recently.

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