julio 19, 2024

Apple promete que no aumentará los precios de los productos para compensar los costes de sus objetivos medioambientales

As Apple inches closer to its goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2030, the company wants to ensure that customers know they aren’t paying a premium for new devices.

Speaking at the Reuters NEXT conference this week, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, affirmed that Apple does not increase prices to offset the costs of its carbon reduction initiatives.

That is, Apple customers aren’t paying a premium to help support any added price increases associated with the company’s environmental-focused efforts. “We don’t factor in a premium to take care of the work that we’re doing,” Jackson said.

Jackson also emphasized that Tim Cook has “set the tone” for these initiatives. “I want to do it in a way that other businesses can say this isn’t because they’re Apple,” Jackson explained. “It’s because they understand how to make clean energy and recyclable materials work in the manufacturing chains and drive emissions down.”

Furthermore, Jackson touted Apple’s initiatives in recycling rare earths and other materials, including its work with smaller companies.  “That’s somewhere Apple can invest and then help to scale and bring (other) businesses along,” she said.

The Apple Watch Series 9 launched in September as Apple’s “first-ever carbon neutral product.” The Apple Watch SE 2 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 are also now carbon neutral. However, The company notes that this only applies to “select case and band combinations” of the Apple Watch.

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