julio 14, 2024

Apple retira una aplicación de películas y programas de televisión pirateados disfrazada de herramienta de prueba de visión

Apple has pulled an app dedicated to streaming pirated movies and TV shows from the App Store. The app in question, “Kimi,” disguised itself as an app that “tests your eyesight.” In reality, it offered unfettered access to some of the most popular TV shows and movies.

“Compare and click on the two pictures to easily improve your observation skills,” the description said.

The app was still live in the App Store on Tuesday morning, but seems to have been pulled following a report from The Verge. According to data compiled by Appfigures, the app was downloaded over 25,000 times and was initially released on September 22, 2023.

Kimi moved its way up the App Store charts, sitting alongside the likes of YouTube, CBS Sports, and Google on the App Store’s top charts list. As pointed out on Threads, the app appears to have peaked at number twelve on the App Store’s top free apps list, and even higher on the entertainment-specific charts.

The App Store description for Kimi claimed it was a great way to test your vision, and said you’d need “an uncanny eye to spot the difference.” Some of the app “features” included:

  • Interesting challenge of time and eyesight!
  • Different choices, different gameplay, really enjoyable!
  • From easy to difficult, full of challenges!
  • Beautiful scenery, let your eyes relax!

But as soon as you downloaded Kimi onto your iPhone or iPad, you’d have instant access to a catalog of pirated movies and TV shows. There were top charts, a search feature, breakdowns of popular and trending TV shows and movies, and more. Imagine the Netflix app, but for pirated content.

This isn’t the first time an app for streaming pirated TV shows and movies has reached the top of the App Store charts. In 2021, for example, a similar app that disguised itself as a Sudoku game also climbed the App Store charts before being pulled by Apple.

Image: @raecnrd on Threads

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