mayo 17, 2024

Apple Watch puede ignorar el gesto de doble toque cuando usa Vision Pro

watchOS 10.4 and iOS 17.4 betas introduce a new toggle on Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. The new setting is specifically to avoid a conflict between the Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro when gesturing.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 work with Apple’s new double tap gesture for selecting prominent buttons and opening widgets without touching the screen. Apple Vision Pro, on the other hand, can use the same finger gesture to select content on visionOS.

So how does the gesture work when wearing both the watch and headset? You decide.

The upcoming feature addition lets you opt to ignore the double tap gesture on Apple Watch while you’re wearing Vision Pro. This lets the Vision Pro win out when making the selection gesture. If you’re not wearing Vision Pro? Double tap works as expected on the Apple Watch.

That’s a nice compromise for an otherwise irritating conflict between devices. iOS 17.4 and watchOS 10.4 are due out in March. The first public beta for iOS 17.4 was released today.

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