mayo 18, 2024

Así es como funciona el emparejamiento de los insertos ópticos ZEISS con Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro will officially arrive in stores and in the hands of thousands of consumers in the US next Friday. Until then, we’ve been finding out more details about Apple’s new headset. For example, users who need corrective lenses can buy ZEISS Optical Inserts – and now we know exactly how to pair them with a Vision Pro.

Pairing ZEISS Optical Inserts with Apple Vision Pro

ZEISS is Apple’s official partner to provide corrective lenses made specifically for Apple Vision Pro. Customers can buy reading lenses or prescription lenses, depending on their needs. However, as reported earlier this week, third-party makers may not be able to design their own optical inserts for Vision Pro.

That’s because, when the user magnetically attaches the optical inserts to a Vision Pro, the system will require a special pairing process to ensure that the lens is the right one and that the visual elements are displayed correctly. Optical inserts come with a unique code and serial number.

Vision Pro enthusiast M1Astra shared a video showing exactly how the process of pairing ZEISS Optical Inserts with Vision Pro works. After attaching the lenses to the Vision Pro, users must put the headset back on their head and then press the Digital Crown to continue.

Next, Vision Pro will ask the user to look at the unique ZEISS Optical Inserts pairing code that comes in the lens package. Apparently, the code can also be found in the Health app – but it’s unclear exactly how. The code is very similar to an App Clip code. At least based on the video, it seems that there’s no way to skip the pairing process when new lenses are attached.

After Vision Pro checks and pairs the lenses, users must recalibrate the eye tracking – the process is the same for users who don’t need corrective lenses. Optic ID also must be reconfigured after attaching new optical inserts. The whole process takes around two minutes.

Interestingly, if the user has multiple lenses paired, the system will automatically identify which lenses you’re using if you switch between them to choose the best settings.

More about Vision Pro

The first Apple Vision Pro units are expected to be delivered to customers on February 2, the same day the device will be available in Apple Retail Stores in the U.S. Prices start at $3,499 for the version with 256GB of storage. ZEISS optical inserts cost $149, while Apple and ZEISS also offer standard reader optical inserts that cost $99.

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