febrero 29, 2024

Descargue el fondo de pantalla Space Black MacBook Pro de Basic Apple Guy

Over the last few years, Basic Apple Guy has delivered amazingly detailed iPhone and MacBook Pro Schematic wallpapers. Now celebrating the new Space Black MacBook Pro, he’s released an all-black version of the slick wallpaper.

Earlier this year, Basic Apple Guy shared his M2 MacBook Pro Schematic wallpapers that feature over 3,700 custom-designed pieces in various beautiful colors.

Here’s how he described the creative process:

“The second Apple announced their new M2 MacBook Pros, I booted up Sketch and began overhauling my previous 14-and-16-inch schematics. The first step was deciding on a starting point: should I start these schematics from scratch or try building off my existing designs? With tons of hours at stake by this decision, I decided that I would begin to update one of the current designs, but if, for whatever reason, that became too cumbersome to rejig everything, I would start over.

“In the end, these new M2 MacBook Pro schematics come in at 3732 pieces for the 14-inch, and 3706 parts for the 16-inch. They’re available in six refreshed colour variations: M2 Pro, M2 Max, Midnight, Night Mode (inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra), Golden, and Tropical. And because of the many internal similarities between the M1 & M2 MacBook Pros, these wallpapers remain highly accurate representations for owners of MacBook Pros released in 2021. Enjoy.”

Now that the new M3 Pro and Max MacBook Pros come in the fresh Space Black, he’s updated the previous MacBook Pro Schematic wallpapers with an all-black coat of paint and may update the internals soon.

Download the Space Black MacBook Pro Schematic wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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