marzo 1, 2024

Descargue los nuevos fondos de pantalla M3 iMac y M3 MacBook Pro aquí mismo

Apple on Monday announced the new M3 iMac and M3 MacBook Pro. Despite the new MacBook Pro in Space Black, the design of both new computers remained pretty much the same. However, the new iMac and MacBook Pro come with new wallpapers – and you don’t have to buy a new computer to get them. Download the new images right here.

What’s new about M3 Macs

The biggest news about the new iMac and MacBook Pro is the M3 chip, which is built with 3-nanometer technology. This results in a more efficient chip that consumes less power, which is great for laptops. Apple has also introduced the M3 Pro and M3 Max chips for the MacBook Pro, which are even more powerful and can be configured with more RAM and storage.

Both the M3 iMac and the M3 MacBook Pro are now available for pre-order. The first orders are expected to be delivered on November 7.

If you’ve bought one of the new M3 Macs, you’ll get new wallpapers for your desktop. But if you don’t want to wait or have no plans to buy a new Mac, we have the new wallpapers for you to download here.

The color Space Black inspires the new M3 MacBook Pro wallpaper. The M3 iMac wallpapers are updated versions of the wallpapers created for the M1 iMac, which represent pieces of Apple’s traditional “hello.” This time, however, the wallpapers have a metallic effect.

There are eight new backgrounds, and you can download them below. Be sure to click the image and save the full-resolution M3 Mac wallpapers, and then set it as your background image through the Photos app or Settings app if you’re using an iOS device.

Download the M3 iMac and M3 MacBook Pro wallpapers

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