mayo 17, 2024

El cable de la batería del Apple Vision Pro se puede quitar con una herramienta de expulsión de SIM

Ray Wong from Inverse has uncovered an interesting new tidbit about the Apple Vision Pro battery. The cable that runs from the battery to the headset is removable with a SIM-eject tool:

The connector looks like Lightning at first glance, but wider and with additional contact points.

Why exactly is this cable removable?

It’s clearly designed to be removed when using the right tool, but the battery isn’t permanently attached to the headset. You also can’t hot swap batteries out while actively using Vision Pro, and you would just remove the circular connector from the headset if you could.

Since it is meant to be somewhat easily removed, the answer is probably to do with servicing the battery. For example, if the battery stopped charging at full capacity after a few months, the battery could be replaced by Apple without replacing the cable.

More importantly, if the cable or connector is damaged, the cable could be replaced without requiring a separate battery. That fits Apple’s environmental angle pretty well.

Now what should we call the modified Lightning-looking connector? Best answers in the comments.

Also, be sure to follow Ray on X (he’s been actively testing the limits of Vision Pro) and stay tuned for his upcoming Inverse article written while spatially computing.


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