febrero 29, 2024

El desmontaje de iFixit nos da un vistazo al interior de Apple Vision Pro [Vídeo]

Our friends at iFixit have shared their Apple Vision Pro teardown. This offers our first in-depth look at every aspect of Vision Pro’s internal design, and Apple’s attention to detail is as impressive as ever.

iFixit says it has plenty more Vision Pro content to come, but this initial teardown does a great job of giving us a preliminary look inside Apple’s spatial computer.

Welcome to the Vision Pro, Apple’s most complex piece of hardware yet. So complicated that we’ll need more than one video to tackle it. In this video, we’ll walk you through the Vision Pro’s insane disassembly process, but make sure you’re subscribed to our channel as we’re already hard at work on our follow-up video!

Also worth checking out is a piece from Wallpaper on Friday, which offered a different look at Apple Vision’s internal design. And if you want to lose a little faith in humanity, check out the first Apple Vision Pro drop test.

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