mayo 18, 2024

El reemplazo/reparación de Vision Pro cuesta hasta $2,399 sin AppleCare

Apple has published its Vision Pro repair/replacement costs for issues like cracked front glass as well as a full replacement due to other damage. Replacing the $3,500+ headset for “other damage” will run $2,399 without Apple’s extended warranty and the front glass alone is a $799 repair.

Apple has two options for now when requesting repair/replacement for Vision Pro – “Cracked cover glass” and “Other damage.”

In the event you only break the Vision Pro glass once, the total cost is $798 with AppleCare (coverage + deductible) or $799 without.

However, AppleCare covers unlimited incidents and the entire headset plus accessories. If you have to replace the entire unit, you’re looking at $2,399 without AppleCare.

In that situation, you’d have savings of $1,601 with AppleCare vs going self-insured.

And here’s a look at the cracked glass estimate from Apple’s website:

What do you think about the repair costs? Seem fair? Or too expensive? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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