marzo 1, 2024

Este sistema hospitalario acaba de comprar 30 unidades Vision Pro y estrenó un nuevo ‘Centro de Excelencia en Computación Espacial’

A new report from The San Diego Union-Tribune today offers a fascinating look at how the San Diego hospital system’s new “Spatial Computing Center of Excellence.” The report explains that Sharp Healthcare recently took delivery of 30 Vision Pro units and is “giving them to health care workers doing all sorts of jobs.”

The image above, for example, shows the Complete HeartX app from Elsevier for Apple Vision Pro.

“We have invested in enough devices so that, right away, we can have physicians and nurses and informaticists and software developers and others start using it,” said Dan Exley, Sharp’s vice president of clinical systems. “We want them to work with us to figure out which tasks and workflows it’s best for.”

Dan Exley, vice president of clinical systems, explained that Sharp’s focus “will be doing rigorous comparisons of old and new ways of getting health care work done, trying to identify which tasks prove better on a headset.”

“You know, anesthesiologists monitor a ton of information in real time, vital signs, EKG, spirometry, waveforms,” Exley said. “Now you’re able to just keep your eyes on the patient, you’re not looking back constantly to see what the monitors are saying behind you.”

Sharp Healthcare knows, however, that wearing Vision Pro during interactions with patients could reduce the human connection and interactivity. The goal will be to strike a balance and find instances where it makes sense to put on Vision Pro.

“Now I’m armed, before I go into the exam room, with all of the knowledge organized visually and conveniently,” Dr. Tommy Korn said. “Now I can share that information with the patient and not be focused on the computer.”

The full report from The San Diego Union-Tribune is absolutely worth reading for more details.

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