mayo 17, 2024

Grabado personalizado de Apple Vision Pro ofrecido en inserciones ópticas de ZEISS

There’s lots of new Apple Vision Pro info out today as Apple starts collecting pre-orders in the United States. The most exciting detail? You can totally engrave your name on those optical inserts from ZEISS if you need corrective lenses with Vision Pro.

Engraving is free, and the custom markings are small and hard to see (black on black), but the option is there! Why bother with engraving the optical inserts that you probably can’t see without your glasses anyway? For one, it’s no additional cost (unless all those AVP accessories). Practically speaking, however, it’s a great way to be certain that your optical inserts are yours in a multi optical insert household.

ZEISS optical inserts run $149 and require a valid prescription to order. Standard reader optical inserts are available for $99.

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