junio 22, 2024

Honda ofrecerá actualización inalámbrica de CarPlay para autos selectos a finales de este mes

Honda is planning to make a retrofit available to older model-year Accords to enable wireless CarPlay. The process will begin later this month and will require a trip to the dealer, Honda says.

As reported by Autoblog, Honda announced these plans during an event last week. The company says it will release a software update for 2018-2022 Honda Accord sedans that enables wireless CarPlay. Starting later this month, owners will be able to use an online portal to schedule an appointment at their local Honda dealer to have the software update performed.

How much will this wireless CarPlay retrofit cost? Unfortunately, there aren’t any additional details available right now. There’s also no word on when service appointments will actually take place, beyond Honda saying sign-ups will open later this month.

Still, it’s notable to see Honda make wireless CarPlay available to older Accord drivers. There are a number of third-party solutions on the market that offer wireless CarPlay retrofits, such as this one from CarlinKit. For many people, however, a first-party solution from Honda itself could be a better option.

There aren’t any other details on whether Honda will make wireless CarPlay upgrades available for other models. For now, all we know is the process will begin with the Accord later this month.

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