mayo 25, 2024

Imágenes de la FCC muestran el prototipo del Apple Watch Ultra con parte trasera de cerámica negra

The Apple Watch Ultra’s design differs from traditional Apple Watch models. In addition to the titanium body, there’s the flat glass covering the display, reinforced buttons, and a gray ceramic back to match the titanium finish. However, changing the color of the ceramic back may have been a last-minute decision, as shown in these photos revealed by the FCC.

Apple Watch Ultra prototype

As noted by user @ParrotSWD on X (formerly known as Twitter), Apple’s filings for the Apple Watch Ultra with the FCC have images of a product that looks a bit different from the final version, which was introduced in September 2022.

The prototype sent to the FCC before the launch has the same black ceramic back as the other Apple Watch models. But that’s only part of it, as we can also see in the photos that the Action Button has a different design than in the final version of the Apple Watch Ultra. The button also seems to be made of plastic rather than metal.

It’s hard to say precisely how early this Apple Watch Ultra prototype is compared to the final product. Still, it’s interesting to see that Apple later decided to change the color of the ceramic back and also redesigned the Action Button.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not unusual for Apple to send prototypes to the FCC, as the company needs approval from the regulator months before launching products. When Apple’s filings for the iPhone X with the FCC became public, photos revealed the existence of a gold-colored prototype.

However, there has never been a gold iPhone X. Apple kept this color for the iPhone XS, which was launched a year later.

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