mayo 28, 2024

La aplicación para iOS inspirada en Pok Pok Montessori recibe el juguete ‘Dress-Up’ en la última actualización

A new toy has arrived today as a major update for the wonderful Montessori-inspired iOS app Pok Pok. “Dress-Up” helps kids with imagination, storytelling, self-esteem, fine motor skills, and much more.

Pok Pok – a digital Montessori playroom designed for kids 2-7 years old – has been on a roll since it launched just shy of three years ago. The team delivers frequent high-quality updates and has won many accolades including an Apple Design Award, Apple Editors’ Choice Award, and was also just honored with an Apple App of the Year Award nomination to close out 2023.

Following up on an awesome Dinosaur toy release, Pok Pok is out today with its latest digital toy – Dress-Up.

Here’s how Pok Pok describes the new release:

  • A wide collection of outfit pieces in a variety of colours and styles
  • Capture the diversity in our world with a range of skin tones, prosthetics,
    body types, hair styles, and more!
  • Design multiple outfits at a time by dressing up different bodies
  • Real-world sounds imitate the feeling of browsing through a closet
  • Finish the look by choosing from many accessories

Pok Pok Playroom is available from the App Store with a 7-day free trial. Monthly or yearly paid plans are available after that.

Check out a look at the new toy:

[embedded content]

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