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Lo que se debe y no se debe hacer al limpiar su iPhone 15 Pro de titanio

Apple is using titanium on iPhone for the first time, but what’s safe or best to use for cleaning iPhone 15 Pro? Let’s look at how to clean iPhone with step-by-step do’s and don’ts.

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Something new with the titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro is that Apple says the “oil from your skin might temporarily alter the color of the outside band.” If you’re using your 15 Pro without a case, fortunately, that’s easy to fix by wiping it down with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Below we’ll also cover how to safely clean and disinfect the rest of your iPhone 15 Pro.

How to clean iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro cleaning DON’Ts

  • Don’t use cleaning sprays (no bleach, no hydrogen peroxide, etc.)
  • Don’t submerge your iPhone into cleaning products
  • Don’t use compressed air
  • Don’t leave cables plugged into your iPhone when cleaning

Best items to clean iPhone 15 Pro

Steps to clean your iPhone 15 Pro

  1. Apple says to power off your iPhone before cleaning it
  2. Make sure it’s also unplugged from cables or accessories
  3. Wipe down your iPhone with a clean microfiber cloth
    • Slightly dampen your cloth with water if needed
    • Apple says a slightly damp cloth will remove fingerprints and slight discoloration on the titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro
  4. To disinfect iPhone, use a Clorox wipe or 70% isopropyl/ethyl alcohol on your cloth and wipe down your device
  5. Gently use a flosser pick to break up and remove tough-to-reach spots – make sure to not poke at or through the grilles, mics, or other important components
  6. Blue Tack is another great way to remove dirt and gunk from speaker grilles, etc.

Apple highlights you should “clean your iPhone immediately if it comes in contact with anything that might cause stains or other damage — for example, dirt or sand, ink, makeup, soap, detergent, acids or acidic foods, or lotions.”

Bubbles for illustrative purposes only 😅

Downside to Clorox wipes and alcohol

The one downside to using Clorox wipes or alcohol wipes on your iPhone is Apple says it can wear away the oleophobic coating (fingerprint resistance).

An easy solution here is popping a screen protector on to keep cleaning wipes from damaging the screen coating on your iPhone.

There are lots of affordable glass screen protectors for iPhone between $7-$30, and if you haven’t tried one in a while, they’re easy to install.

UV smartphone cleaners

how to clean iPhone 15 Pro 2

PhoneSoap is probably the most popular brand when it comes to sanitizing your iPhone with UV light.

The company uses 360-degree UV-C bulbs to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with the company saying the results are clinically proven. This portable smartphone sanitizer also charges your device while it’s being cleaned (features both a USB-C and USB-A port).

PhoneSoap 3 typically sells for $79 but is often on sale with PhoneSoap Pro going for $119. The company also has its larger HomeSoap product that cleans a wide variety of items.

More UV sanitizer options include quality options from mophie and totallee.

Thanks for reading our guide on how to clean iPhone 15 Pro!

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