mayo 18, 2024

Los auriculares Meta Quest pronto podrán reproducir vídeos espaciales grabados con iPhone sin soluciones alternativas

Apple recently introduced spatial video capture to iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The feature lets you start saving memories now to relive on Apple Vision Pro when it arrives. Or when you buy one. Or when the more consumer-priced version comes out. Or maybe on an existing Meta Quest headset without requiring the current workarounds!

Spatial video capture is also expected to be a focus of iPhone 16 hardware this fall. It might even mean a more spatial video capture-friendly camera layout. We’ll see.

Anyway, new strings of code in Meta’s Quest app for iOS indicates that some form of spatial video playback is being developed. “Meta is planning to support Spatial Videos on Quest according to code strings found in their iOS app,” says the spatial believer behind the M1Astra account on X.

They point to four code strings in Meta’s iPhone app to support this claim:

  • “Immerse yourself in your favourite memories by uploading videos on the Meta Quest app.”
  • “Enable spatial video in your camera settings. {link}”
  • “Upload spatial video”
  • “Spatial video ready”

More references are also suspected of being related to this upcoming feature, seen here.

David Heaney at UploadVR explains that while spatial video playback on Meta Quest headsets is already possible, official support would dramatically reduce the friction involved in supporting playback.

Now if only we could retrofit those awful 3D TVs from 2010 to play our spatial videos. You know, the ones with those glasses that always broke right before you fired up Avatar for the fifth time…

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