febrero 26, 2024

Los propietarios de PlayStation 5 pueden obtener hasta seis meses gratis de Apple Music

Apple and Sony have partnered to offer a new deal to PlayStation 5 owners, giving up to six free months of an Apple Music subscription.

As long as you have a PlayStation 5, new customers can get six free months of Apple Music and returning subscribers can get up to five months free. You can see the full terms of the offer here.

To redeem, download and launch the Apple Music app on the PlayStation 5. Sign in with your Apple ID and the free months offer should be presented on screen for you to accept.

The offer was launched today and expires in a year’s time, ending 15 November 2024.

You can only redeem the offer on the PlayStation 5 console itself, but once you have done so, you can enjoy the Apple Music service on any compatible device.

Using the media features of the PlayStation operating system, PlayStation 5 gamers can play while streaming from Apple Music in the background. To initiate background music playback, press the PS button on the controller and open the Music pane. The system will even suggest playlists that are relevant to the current game.

(If the above offer sounds familiar, it is because Apple previously ran a similar promotion for Apple TV+ on PlayStation. This is the first time for Apple Music though.)

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