mayo 18, 2024

Los revendedores de Apple Vision Pro ya suben los precios en eBay, esto es lo que piden

Vision Pro is landing at the end of next week and with pre-orders locked in for the first customers, eBay listings with exorbitant prices are piling in. Here’s how much scalpers hope to get for Apple’s new headset.

Scalpers have become a recurring part of Apple launches over the years. And particularly with Apple releasing its first headset, the listings are plentiful on eBay. Even before Apple opened pre-orders for Vision Pro, scalpers were putting up listings on eBay.

But with sellers now able to include pre-order confirmation, more and more listings are showing up. Some are asking for a ~$1,000 premium on top of the $3,499 MSRP, but at the high end, some scalpers have listed Vision Pro at $10,000.

At the time of writing, there are 1,500+ Apple Vision Pro listings on eBay alone. It might seem strange why so many are trying to sell their pre-orders when Apple still has launch day stock available at many stores. But these scalpers are probably trying to entice international buyers as Apple’s headset launch is only happening in the US.

And as you might expect, using Vision Pro abroad before official Apple support will have its challenges:

While plenty of scalpers are happy to price gouge, some Vision Pro listings currently have bids at or below the official $3,499 starting price. Time will tell if there’s so much supply on eBay that buyers might be able to get a “deal.”

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