junio 22, 2024

Nomad x Peak Design se unen para crear un estuche resistente con MagSafe + SlimLink [U: iPhone 15 Pro]

Nomad is out with its latest limited edition iPhone case and this time, it’s come to fruition through a partnership with Peak Design. The clever new Rugged Case delivers a sharp aesthetic with 15-foot drop protection, MagSafe, support for Peak Design’s hard lock SlimLink system, and more.

Update 1/24/24: The Nomad x Peak Design Rugged Case is now available for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

This special collaboration Rugged Case for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max includes all the same great features as the 14 Pro and Pro Max model. One small tweak, the new one runs $65 vs $60 for last year’s iPhones. Read along below for our full review.

Peak Design is known for making impressive gear for photographers/videographers, creatives, travelers, and those who just love being organized with their tech. The new partnership with Nomad marries the two company’s strengths to deliver a durable and good-looking iPhone case with lots of functionality.

Nomad x Peak Design Rugged Case for iPhone 14 Pro specs

  • Engineered specifically for iPhone 14 and 15 Pro and Pro Max devices
  • Compatible with all Peak Design Mobile mounts & accessories
  • Also compatible with MagSafe accessories & chargers
  • Built-in magnetic locking technology (called SlimLink™) is ultra secure and feels like magic
  • Ultra-rugged 4.5m (15ft) drop protection
  • Fortified TPU bumpers surrounding corners and lenses
  • 100% recycled Nylon canvas interior with custom Nomad x PD screenprint
  • 2 tether points let you carry your phone with any Peak Design strap or wrist strap
  • Price: $60/65 (at Nomad or Peak Design)

In use

Here’s a look at the profile of the new Rugged Case. I think it strikes a great balance between staying slim enough to be comfortable to use as an everyday case while having reinforced edges and corners to offer the rugged 15-foot drop protection.

The buttons are plastic with a nice clicky feel and the side button has raised texture to easily find it against the smooth sides of the case.

The whole case has a nice satin finish that’s very soft and the edges have a concave design that improves grip and contours your thumb and fingers perfectly.

Two more thoughtful touches: the design on the rear of the case is fully flush so your phone doesn’t wobble when it’s on a desk or countertop and if you want to attach any of Peak Design’s straps or wriststraps, there are two built-in tether points.

What sets the Rugged Case apart from the competition along with the sharp design is the Peak Design SlimLink system.

If you haven’t seen it before or used it, it’s a super sleek invention that offers a seamless magnetic hard lock for accessories. And the great part is MagSafe is there as well.

Here’s a look at the Mobile Creator Kit SlimLink accessory:

It’s so satisfying and easy to use, just place your iPhone case on a SlimLink accessory and it instantly locks in. Peak Design offers a versatile range of SlimLink and MagSafe compatible mounts that work for just about any use case you can think up.

On the Peak Design SlimLink mounts with a hard lock, you just squeeze the two buttons on the back and pop your iPhone off.

Because you’ve got MagSafe functionality built-in along with SlimLink, that means you can seamlessly charge and use any other accessories that are MagSafe supported.

Here’s Peak Design’s clever Mobile Tripod that attaches with MagSafe:

Nomad x Peak Design Rugged Case wrap-up

After spending time with the limited edition Rugged Case from Nomad x Peak Design, I’m impressed with the thoughtful blend of function and form.

I love that you get a durable case without a bulky design and the SlimLink plus MagSafe functionality makes it super versatile.

You can pick up the Nomad x Peak Design Rugged Case now from Nomad as well as Peak Design priced at $60. Just keep in mind it’s specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Check out more of the backstory on this cool collaboration in Nomad x Peak Design’s video:

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