mayo 17, 2024

Nuevos datos de Vision Pro y vídeo práctico completo de MKBHD

Yesterday saw the first round of hands-on and unboxing videos for Apple Vision Pro, sharing some interesting tidbits about Apple’s first spatial computer. After an initial unboxing video yesterday, MKBHD has now shared an in-depth look at what it’s like to actually use Apple Vision Pro.

Vision Pro tidbits

Here are a few random tidbits taken from various Vision Pro reviews and videos so far.

  • If you’re using Vision Pro in a dark room, visionOS may warn you that it might not be able to see your hands well enough.
  • There is no support for hot swapping batteries. This means that if your Vision Pro battery dies, the headset will completely shut off. You can then attach another battery, but you’ll have to start over and boot your Vision Pro from scratch.
  • According to Brian Tong, it takes around 37 seconds for Vision Pro to start up. You’ll hear a chime when the process is complete, and can put Vision Pro back on your head.
  • The Vision Pro speakers are excellent, but they “are also pretty leaky,” according to The Verge. This means people around you will be able to hear your Vision Pro’s audio, so you’ll definitely want to use AirPods if there are other people nearby.
  • Aaron Perris shared the full Vision Pro battery spec details on social media: 3166 mAh, 35.9 Wh, and Output 13V 6A max.
  • You can initiate a Vision Pro screen recording via Control Center.
  • You don’t have to enable Optic ID on Vision Pro, and can choose to use solely a passcode instead.
  • When creating your Persona on Vision Pro, you can choose between three different lighting options: Natural, Studio, and Contour. You can also refine the temperature and brightness of the Persona.

New Vision Pro content to check out

MKBHD’s new video is below. Also be sure to check out John Gruber’s full Vision Pro review on Daring Fireball.

MKBHD says he has a full review coming later, and we have a lot of content planned here at 9to5Mac as well.

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