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Práctica: la empuñadura del controlador Backbone One USB-C es un accesorio de juego perfecto para el iPhone 15

Backbone just sent me one of its new USB-C gamepads for iPhone 15 to check out, and it happened to arrive the same week that LEGO Fortnite launched. In what has to be the perfect opportunity to try out the new gaming accessory, I’ve been trying out the new release and have to say I’m finally sold on controller grips – especially ones as good as the Backbone One.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen what feels like just about everyone get their hands on the new PlayStation Portal. But with all of the Black Friday coverage, I’ve missed out on actually being able to snag one for myself. Backbone however was nice enough to help me fill the void by trying out one of its new One USB-C gaming grips which was updated to work with iPhone 15. I’ve been using it for the past few days and have to say that I don’t think I’ll even need to get the Portal – this does just a fine job on its own.

Actually, I’d say it does better than just a fine job. The Backbone gamepad for iPhone has been a very refreshing way to play titles on my PlayStation 5 this week. While announcements from The Game Awards on different accolades in the gaming world have been hogging much of the spotlight lately, the reveal and subsequent release of LEGO Fortnite has been the only thing I’ve really cared about. So when the Backbone controller showed up on my doorstep earlier in the week, it was like fate telling me to spend even more of my time playing the new survival crafting game mode.

And so I did.

a hand holding a cameraa hand holding a camera

Over the past few days I’ve logged more time than I should probably admit diving into the world of LEGO Fortnite, all on the Backbone One iPhone 15 controller. And while I won’t get too much into how the new game mode actually stacks up – because this is a story about the gamepad grip and not the game – the Backbone accessory and its newfound iPhone support over USB-C has been a welcomed companion to my journey.

Out of the box, the Backbone One controller arrives with a very similar design to most other gamepad grips out there. It has a folding design that uses springs to wrap around your smartphone no matter which device you’re using. I’m personally rocking an iPhone 15 Pro, and it worked without any issues even with the large camera bump on the back. There’s some rubber padding on both ends that actually grip your handset, and so even though the new iPhone 15 series and its Titanium exterior is prone to scratching, I haven’t had anything to worry about yet.

Once clicked into place, my iPhone 15 Pro recognized the controller immediately. I didn’t have to configure anything to start gaming with it, the accessory just worked. You can tailor the experience a bit in the companion app, but I was so eager to dive into LEGO Fortnite that I didn’t even bother downloading the Backbone app until later on in my usage. So if you don’t like having more apps than is absolutely necessary, I’m happy to report that the experience is still impressive.

The controller itself doesn’t add all too much weight to your smartphone, either. Even after a few hours of gaming in a row, I didn’t get tired from holding up the package – which is something that I can’t always say for my Nintendo Switch. Backbone One isn’t the most ergonomic controller, but I still found it plenty comfortable. I also really enjoy most of the actual inputs, too. The buttons on the front of the gamepad have plenty of click to them, and the joysticks also have a nice feel to their rubber-coated exterior.

I will be a bit picky and say that I wish the bumpers were a little more satisfying. It’s not that they’re bad per se, but certainly the weakest link for the controller grip. The L2 and R2 triggers are fine as they are, but I can’t really say the same thing about their counterparts. Hardly something that is going to ruin the experience for me, but I really do wish that there was just a slightly more satisfying button used there.

Backbone USB-C iPhone 15Backbone USB-C iPhone 15

I spent most of my time with the Backbone One using my iPhone 15 Pro with Sony’s PS Remote Play app. The integration was flawless even without any configuration, and the rest of the experience was just as fun. When I said earlier I am rethinking whether I should even get a dedicated device for streaming games from my PS5, I really did mean it. Games like LEGO Fortnite are going to be where the Backbone One really excels, as you don’t need millisecond-level performance in order to enjoy the game.

On the flip side, I played a few rounds of Overwatch 2 and it wasn’t exactly the best experience ever. Any kind of online game that requires the lowest ping you can get isn’t going to be great for video game streaming, but the Backbone One certainly isn’t going to be any worse than something like the Playstation Portal. Even so, I have to say I’m impressed that there wasn’t any added latency, which speaks to how native the support is over USB-C.

Of course, the USB-C gamepad grip is also great for native titles on iPhone 15, too. I used it to get back into Genshin Impact a bit, and tried out some other games like Resident Evil: Village. All worked pretty flawlessly, too. Backbone has a handy page with all of the different titles it definitely supports, and so if you’re looking to buy the accessory for use with a specific game you can search ahead of time. But even if it isn’t listed, I’d be willing to bet that it will still work.

Backbone USB-C iPhone 15 gripBackbone USB-C iPhone 15 grip

9to5Toys’ Take

I’ve never really been sold on gamepad grips in the past, but Backbone has finally won me over with the new USB-C gamepad grip for iPhone 15. Maybe it just has been that I haven’t been sold on why I’d want to use one at home – but this week has really shown me what I’ve been missing. I’m excited to leave this one in some of my larger bags for when I’m commuting around the city, as well as to bring on any longer trips in the near future. Being able to turn my smartphone into a Switch-like device is something I really didn’t know I needed, but now I am entirely bought into the concept.

As for the Backbone One itself, this really seems like the way to go for iPhone 15. If you’re rocking one of the latest devices for Apple, the integration is just top notch and the build feels premium enough to justify the $100 price tag.

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