mayo 18, 2024

Prepárese para Apple Vision Pro con estos accesorios imprescindibles listos para su lanzamiento

With the VisionPro finally set to release on February 2nd and people already have put their pre-orders in; my question is, what type of accessories will there be at launch? When Apple enters a new product category that usually means that a brand new accessory industry is born. The iPhone accessory market made roughly $32 billion in 2022 alone. So with the VisionPro incoming, that means there is an opportunity for brands and manufacturers to capitalize! Here are some of the accessories I am most excited about.

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1st party accessories

With any new main product release, Apple likes to have its accessories ready for customers. I mostly want to highlight 3rd party manufacturers and brands but I feel obligated to at least bring up the accessories Apple is offering.

When it comes to the accessories you can get directly from Apple there really isn’t much that isn’t already included in the actual packaging. They are offering their new Apple Vision Pro Carrying Case as a $199 carrying case solution. I personally think this is a bit overpriced but I am sure the build quality will be exceptional, like most Apple products. They have also partnered with Belkin to offer a Battery Holder, which looks like an old school phone or beeper belt clip that houses the Vision Pro Battery.

All of the other 1st party “accessories” offered by Apple are mostly just replacement accessories. They offer additional light seals and seal cushions, as well as the VisionPro battery pack. So if you need a second battery pack you can purchase one for $199. Overall the 1st party accessory offerings are a bit underwhelming.

3rd Party Vision Pro Accessories

As I mentioned, new Apple products tend to create their own secondary accessory markets. Think about all the brands and companies that have originated purely because they wanted to make iPhone cases, Apple Watch bands, or iPad Keyboards. There are so many, with even more lesser-known Amazon brands. I wanted to highlight a few that I have seen so far that make a ton of sense. Quick disclaimer, as of writing this I have not tested any of these but I plan on doing so as they are released.

Spigen Klasden Pouch

Spigen has been around for over a decade, releasing their first iPhone cases back in 2008. I have personally used their products for years so it makes complete sense that they would dive right into the Vision Pro hype. They are launching a carry case alternative for the Vision Pro called the Klasden Pouch. Spigen created a similarly branded Klasden Pouch for AirPods Max, which was amazingly done and only costs $27. They wanted to recreate this pouch for the Vision Pro, which already looks much more robust and functional then the case Apple is selling.

To start, this product is only $89 compared to the $199 that Apple wants to charge us for their carrying case. And you get exponentially more functionality. It has multiple storage sections, with zippers and elastic pockets. It has a dedicated AirTag pocket and has space for everything you would need to carry your Vision Pro. Very excited to get my hands on this one!

BandWerk Headstraps

The next accessory I am excited about is the Bandwerk Headstraps. BandWerk is known for making high-quality Apple watch bands and accessories, so it makes complete sense they would get into the Vision Pro headstrap game. It looks like they are planning to offer five different color variations of a Vision Pro headstrap which I think is great. Right now, there aren’t any color variations or visual differences that are done to the Vision Pro directly from Apple. All of the devices will look identical. So Bandwerk wanted to offer some different colors and fabric finishes for people to personalize and change the visual aesthetic of their Vision Pro. The orange and great color combo looks amazing to me. These are going to retail for $168. Still a bit expensive but the quality and build materials make it worth that price tag.

Speck accessories

Speck is another Apple accessory company that has been around for years. They have teased a trio of products that are releasing for the Vision Pro. These do not have a release date or pricing quite yet but they plan to offer the big three for the Vision Pro which is a carrying case for the headset, a case for the battery, and some sort of protective shell or film to place on the Vision Pro

Amazon brands

Then you have Amazon. This is where you can find countless no-name brands and manufacturers trying to battle their way into the spotlight. You will always be able to find something there from Vision Pro protective coverings, to battery cases and everything in between. As customers get their hands on the Vision Pro, more accessories will become available. Some products I plan to test out is the Goseth Protective Case which will protect the Vision Pro during use and then TechCo already has their silicon Ultra Protective Case available for $16.

The great thing about this is that we will have plenty of options as time goes on.

Final thoughts

I am excited to see what brands and manufacturers will create for the Vision Pro. One aspect to keep in mind is that there will be much fewer Vision Pros out in the world compared to iPhones and Apple Watches. So some brands might hold off on creating some awesome accessories until they see that there is an opportunity to move a lot of volume in terms of products.

So there might be a slower roll out for accessories then anticipated but there will be accessories coming. What do you think? Are you going to be trying to customize your Vision Pro with 3rd party accessories or will you be using Apple accessories? What are you most excited for? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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