febrero 22, 2024

Proton Sentinel llega para los usuarios de Proton Pass Plus y protege las cuentas incluso cuando se roban las credenciales

Continuing with its mission to provide the most private and secure services, Proton is out today with the expansion of its Proton Sentinel security program. The feature comes to Proton Pass Plus users for free and delivers the company’s highest level of protection that can secure your Proton account even if your login credentials are compromised.

Proton Pass arrived as the company’s end-to-end encrypted password manager in the spring in beta with the official launch in June.

Notably, it’s not just your username and password that are end-to-end encrypted, it’s every field of data and metadata saved with Proton Pass.

In a blog post today, Proton announced that all Proton Pass Plus users are getting the Sentinel security at no cost:

Now, we’re providing even more protection for your most sensitive information. Starting today, everyone with a Proton Pass Plus plan will have access to our high-security Proton Sentinel program, which has already blocked over 3,000 account takeover attacks since we introduced it in August.

Proton highlights that 92% of successful cyberattacks use social engineering and login credentials are the most common target of those attacks. Here’s how Proton Sentinel addresses that problem:

Proton Sentinel can prevent an attacker from accessing to your data even if they have successfully stolen your Proton Account username and password. Proton Sentinel combines artificial intelligence monitoring with human expertise to detect, identify, and challenge any suspicious account takeover attempt. And Proton Sentinel does this well because it leverages the lessons we learned building Proton’s anti-abuse systems that protect over 100 million accounts. These systems have seen a vast number of login attempts and are able to correctly characterize and identify threat actors on a massive scale.

If you’re already a Proton Pass Plus user, you can head to your Proton Pass account > Security and Privacy > Enable Proton Sentinel.

If you’d like to sign up, Proton Pass Plus goes from as low as $1.99/month when paying for a year for Cyber Week.

Learn more about all the features of Proton Sentinel in the company’s full post.

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