mayo 18, 2024

Resultados de la prueba de duración de la batería del Apple Vision Pro: menos de lo prometido, ligeramente por encima de lo prometido

Brian Tong provides four interesting Apple Vision Pro battery life details in his full video review:

  • 2 hrs 26 mins of general use
  • 3 hrs 9 mins of 3D video playback
  • 1 hr 30 mins to fully recharge
  • 30 mins charging from 0% reached 37%

That compares to up to 2 hour battery life for general use promised by Apple, and the recently revised promise of up to 2.5 hour battery life for video playback. Brian Tong tested the not-so-short Avengers: End Game and made it through a full sitting with a little battery life to spare.

And while we had a ballpark idea of battery life expectations, it’s great to learn the duration of charging from 0% to 100%. 90 minutes certainly isn’t fast, but it gives us a sense of how long it takes to go from 0 to 100 without using while tethered to a power source.

One thing that is disappointing is that Apple Vision Pro has to fully shut down and boot back up when changing batteries. Brian Tong explains that the boot up process takes under a minute.

You can watch Brian Tong’s extended review video below, or visit our Vision Pro review roundup to watch and read even more reviews:

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