mayo 18, 2024

Vision Pro no te permitirá guardar aplicaciones web en tu pantalla de inicio

In addition to not letting you rearrange home screen icons, visionOS 1.0 also doesn’t support the ability to pin web apps to the home screen. This limitation was pointed out by Brian Tong in his excellent Vision Pro review on YouTube.

This is a notable limitation, particularly because companies like Netflix and YouTube have opted out of making dedicated Vision Pro apps and will not let users run the iPad versions of their apps on Vision Pro.

That means Vision Pro users will have to use Safari to access Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, Spotify, and other services that won’t have apps available on Vision Pro. In an ideal world, users would at least be able to add websites to their Vision Pro home screen, just like you can on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case in visionOS 1.0. Hopefully it’s something that Apple prioritizes and adds with visionOS 2.0.

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