junio 17, 2024

visionOS beta 6 recibe nuevos videos de incorporación a medida que se acerca el lanzamiento de Apple Vision Pro

Apple on Tuesday released the sixth beta of visionOS, the Vision Pro operating system. visionOS beta is only available to developers with an Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit. However, we were able to look at the internal files of visionOS beta 6, and we found new onboarding videos that will guide users through setting up the new headset.

What’s new with visionOS beta 6

Vision Pro is unlike any other device Apple has ever introduced. Because of this, it comes with many onboarding screens and videos so that users can learn how to use the device. With beta 6, Apple has added a new video to the system that shows users how to navigate the visionOS interface.

The 35-second video, shown during the setup process, demonstrates how users can simply look at elements on the screen, such as app icons, and click on them using the two-finger tap gesture.

“Your eyes and hands are how you navigate Apple Vision Pro. You browse the system by looking, and it responds to your eyes. Simply look at an element and tap your fingers together to select it. It’s like a click on your Mac. To scroll, pinch your fingers together and gently flick. You can keep your hands where they’re comfortable, such as resting on your lap.”

Another video added to the beta shows us a more detailed look at how users can create their 3D “Persona” for FaceTime calls using the headset. The process is similar to registering a new face to an iPhone or iPad with Face ID. Users must hold and point the Vision Pro at their face, then move their face sideways, up and down, and then smile and wink.

“To set up your Persona, you’ll remove your Apple Vision Pro to capture your appearance. Take your time getting ready and making sure nothing is covering your face. To start capturing, hold the Apple Vision Pro at eye level. Keep your arms and shoulders relaxed, then follow the instructions.”

More about visionOS and Apple Vision Pro

Interestingly, the visionOS beta 6 build number is 21N5300a – a big jump from the previous build 21N5259j. Typically, the letter “a” at the end of a build number suggests that it is considered stable and is close to a final release.

As Apple Vision Pro is set to hit stores in early 2024 and Apple has already added the ability to shoot Spatial Videos to the iPhone 15 Pro with iOS 17.2 beta, it seems the plan is still on track.

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