mayo 25, 2024

Anuncio de servicio público: DirecTV Stream ahora es más caro, desde $80 por mes

It’s officially time for the annual DirecTV Stream price increase. Starting this month, DirecTV Stream’s lineup of streaming TV plans now starts at $79.99, with the higher-end plans seeing a more dramatic $10 per month price month.

As reported by The Streamable, these price increases were announced with little fanfare last month. As of November 5, the price increases are now in effect for all DirecTV Stream subscribers – new and existing alike.

Here’s a breakdown of the DirecTV Stream price increases:

  • Entertainment” plan: From $74.99 to $79.99
  • Choice” plan: From $99.99 to $108.99
  • Ultimate” plan: From $109.99 to $119.99
  • Premier” plan: From $154.99 to $164.99

In a statement to The Streamable, DirecTV indicated that the price increases are due to the “higher cost networks are charging” to distribute programming. “Like other distributors, we’re adjusting our pricing because of the higher cost networks charge to distribute national and local programming. We remain focused on delivering the best value,” the company said.

DirecTV Stream has gotten more expensive pretty much every year, with this year’s round of increases coming 11 months after last year’s. When the service first launched, pricing started at $35 per month, and there were lucrative promotions that offered a free Apple TV for early adopters.

Despite this week’s price increases, DirecTV Stream is offering a promo with $25 off the “Entertainment” package…so long as you’re also interested in tacking on the “Sports Pack” to your subscription.

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