mayo 17, 2024

Así es como Apple etiquetará las aplicaciones para informar y proteger a los usuarios de la UE durante la descarga

Apple has officially announced that sideloading will be available for EU users with iOS 17.4. Along with the major change, Apple has detailed how it will label apps from third-party app stores to inform and protect EU users, and the features that will be missing when sideloading.

In a press release shared with 9to5Mac, here are four new ways Apple is going to “protect and inform” EU users with greater clarity about where an app is from, who they’re paying, and more:

Changes to “protect and inform” EU users

  • App Store product page labels — that inform users when an app they’re downloading uses alternative payment processing.
  • In-app disclosure sheets — that let users know when they are no longer transacting with Apple, and when a developer is directing them to transact using an alternative payment processor.
  • New App Review processes – to verify that developers accurately communicate information about transactions that use alternative payment processors.
  • Expanded data portability on Apple’s Data & Privacy site — where EU users can retrieve new data about their usage of the App Store and export it to an authorized third party.

Apple App Store features not available with sideloading

The company highlights that these Apple App Store features/protections will not be available when sideloading (using third-party app stores):

  • Report a Problem
  • Family Sharing
  • Ask to Buy

Apple also notes that it will not handle refunds for app purchases through third parties, and “will have less ability to support customers encountering issues, scams, or fraud.”

You can read more on Apple’s Developer page and in our full coverage:

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