junio 17, 2024

Estos nuevos emoji llegarán en iOS 17.4

Update: These new emoji unveiled last year are now available in iOS 17.4 beta. These are the finalized designs:

Original story follows:

World Emoji Day is upon us, and that means Emojipedia has prepared a potential preview of what’s coming in the wild world of emoji.

Emoji 15.1, which will likely come to Apple devices in spring 2024, includes a change in direction for over 100 existing emoji characters.

No, not like a new art style or something. A literal change in which direction these emoji can face. Emojipedia highlights 108 draft characters that currently face left but could gain the ability to face the opposite direction.

The real action around Emoji 15.1 includes these likely candidates:

  • phoenix bird
  • brown mushroom
  • broken chain
  • lime
  • head shaking vertically
  • head shaking horizontally

Other candidates include new combinations of bust(s) in silhouette emoji characters with gender-neutral depictions of families. Emoji 15.1 is currently in draft form.

The final list of new emoji characters and changes will be set in stone in September. Check out the full illustrative preview of what Apple’s new emoji set could look like at Emojipedia here.

What’s your favorite? I’m looking forward to the yes/no nod emoji characters myself, although the head shake previews provided look could be confused with human planet emoji and telekinesis emoji.

As a reminder, World Emoji Day is set for July 17, i.e. the date on the emoji calendar, so plan accordingly.

P.S. Unrelated, but today happens to be National French Fry Day aka free fries from McDonald’s day. What I want to know is how did this great national holiday not get scheduled for a Friday?!

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